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The RTED Group: "Accessing Prosperity Through Technology"

 The RTED Group's mission is to empower citizens in communities to access prosperity through the use of technology.

The RTED Group works with impoverished, communities worldwide seeking primarily to support the core working age population of each community (defined as 16-35 years old), followed by small business owners and those transitioning into the community. Our services are relevant to anyone seeking knowledge, and we offer something for every segment of the community.

At the RTED Group, we believe that every community should be equipped to bring themselves into the world economy by using technology to access resources and address longstanding issues of substandard health, inadequate employment, and isolation. We are committed to encouraging communities to embrace the possibility of a healthy, economically viable, connected lifestyle. Working as a community partner dedicated to overcoming the challenging process of transformation, The RTED Group will assist the community with developing a realistic action plan.